sooo yeah

Hey guys so I know I said this is going to be a very active blog but I lost my laptop for like ever lol. Anyways don’t call me dora anymore lol my “friends” and I aren’t friends anymore because well you don’t want to know. I don’t really keep up with like celebrity gossip and all but recently I have. I guess I normally wouldn’t talk about it but I am now lol. Basically about how Tyga is cheating on Kylie Jenner…again. Oh my gosh she should just dump him already because no one likes a cheater. So incase you don’t know, a 14 year old Instagram model, Molly O’ Malia, accused Tyga of hitting on her (which he did, confirmed by text messages). Buttttt I wouldn’t call Molly innocent either…in the messages she claims to be 17. Aha okay enough about Tyga, Molly, and Kylie. Now that 2015 is over what’s your 2016 resolution? Mine is to get good grades, eat healthier, work out more often, and travel more. Okay Okay I know that’s more han one, and I probably won’t be able to keep them all but I can try I guess. Comment your new years resolution. 🙂